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A guide to Earn money on AdultNode


The purpose of this guide is to highlight the various ways in which money can be made on AdultNode. The help is primarily aimed at content creators, i.e. people who want to offer their own content, such as photos or videos, or who want to present their services.

— Introduction

In order to understand how money can be made on this platform, it is first necessary to understand how AdultNode (AN) works. AN is primarily a social network, such as Facebook or Instagram. It is therefore in the nature of things that neither followers nor the money just flies to you. As in any social network, the coverage also determines the visibility within the network. Those whose content is often shared will be clicked on more often and will therefore receive more followers.

— Mistakes made at the start

One of the most common mistakes when starting on AdultNode is that it is enough to present yourself and offer your products for sale. However, this rarely works. If you really want to be seen, you have to do something about it. If you are looking for buyers, you have to attract and acquire them. This is the case everywhere, not only on AN. The best way to do this is to participate in the community of AN. Participate in discussions, liked content, comment other people’s postings, or start your own. Above all, you should communicate with your followers. If you just throw your offers into the room, you can’t expect many people to jump on them.

— Advertising new users

Something that at first glance does not necessarily seem relevant for the classic content creator is the acquisition of new users. But if you are already active and networked on other platforms, you will certainly be able to earn something by recruiting new users for AdultNode. On the one hand, you will receive a share every time you recruit someone who then also purchases a subscription. And of course you will automatically have more customers who buy your content on a permanent basis. You can find out more about recruiting members here:

— Every like makes money

One of the reasons why content creators should also be interested in participating in what’s happening on the platform and sharing their own content is that you earn cash with every like of your contributions. Every like brings you a small contribution to your token account. 100 tokens are worth 10 dollars each. Especially if you make sure that many people follow you, which works best if you offer your own content and you encourage people to like it, this option can pay off very quickly. If done correctly, you can earn money on the side without having to do much extra work. All you need to do is be willing to participate in life on AdultNode. You can learn more about tokens here:

— Sell directly on AdultNode

On AdultNode you have the possibility to offer your content directly. You alone determine how many tokens you want to have for a contribution. Do you only offer a single photo? Or a whole set? Or even a video? Decide for yourself what your work is worth to you. But again, buyers don’t just drop out of the sky. You have to actively promote your content and get in touch with other members. Users are much more likely to buy something if they feel sympathy for someone, which presupposes that they know you. Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke, so it should be in your own interest to promote you and your content accordingly. If you are always silent and simply post your content into the ether, you cannot expect to make money from it. This does not work here, nor on ManyVids or wherever.

— Video calls – the direct line

On AdultNode you can give other users the opportunity to contact you via video call. All you need is a webcam. Video calls cost the caller 10 tokens, or $1 per minute. You can disable or enable this feature by opening the menu on the right side. An overview of all currently available providers can be found here:

— Donations

Users do not have to buy something from you to send you money. Instead, they can send you donations via your profile. The amount of the donations can be set by the users themselves. As with most other activities, donations are more likely to come in if you have a large following and you are actively participating in the site. Then it is certainly worth it if you point out the donation function.

— Followers are profitable

Of course AdultNode also offers the possibility to promote content on other platforms. If you can be found on Chaturbate or other sites, you may of course refer to this in your posts and your profile. However, the more followers you have, the more often your posts will be shared and seen. Last but not least, you will make sure that more people visit your profile. So it should be in your interest that you are actively on AN and participate in it.

— Exchange yourself with others

AdultNode brings together many content creators from a wide variety of fields. Many users are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others or are grateful for support and advice. The best way to get in touch with other content creators is to join a group that has been set up for this very purpose. You can find them here:

— Help and let help

The advantage of a community like AdultNode is that it is not too difficult to find help. You just have to ask. Especially when it comes to the operation and handling on AdultNode itself, you can always hope for help. The best way to do this is through the feedback group, which you can find here:

This guide was made by user: Marc – Visit his profile here:

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