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It’s our Birthday & We have a gift for everyone!


I am super proud to announce that today is our birthday!

One year ago we set sail and a lot has happened since. More than 40.000 members has joined us, creating just shy of 1.500.000 posts and exchanging hundreds of thousands of messages.

We have creators that sell images and videos, fans that share their favorite naughty stuff, pages and groups debating everything from how to ask a girl out to an adventure to how to get a man to do the dishes and everything in between – usually on the naughty side.

Both Jon and myself love the community that has grown around this idea. We have some of the most friendly and committed people that log into our site every day and we love each and every one of you!

To celebrate our birthday, we have decided to discount our VIP page with 75% for 24 hours only… and it starts now! So go ahead and hit that upgrade button.

All subscriptions created at the discounted price remains that low for life (as long as it’s active).

But wait, that’s not all.

We also decided to give out 50 tokens for free to anyone that shares the birthday post (find it here), to another social media site (adult or mainstream), you need to comment with a link to the post to qualify. Read the full rules here:

1. Link must stay up until at least until Tokens are awarded.
2. Link must be to the birthday post.
3. You can share the link as many times and places as you want (please do!) but we can only hand out tokens once per account.
4. Only accounts created before the 12th of December 2019 are eligible for this promo. Sorry newcomers, you can get the discounted VIP package for LIFE though!

Tokens will be awarded during the coming weekend, it’s a manual process, so please have patience.

Thank you all, for being part of this start of our voyage. We hope that you all have enjoyed the ride so far and that you’ll stick around for a while.


Jon & Jane

  1. Thushara

    Happy birthday my dear

  2. Jorg

    Happy birthday and thanks

  3. Jorg

    Happy birthday and thanks

  4. Arm

    Happy birthday. ^^

  5. JW Wallace


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