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We launched our live group video chat rooms allowing members to broadcast


After much testing and tweaking, we have the first version of our group video chat rooms up, allowing everyone on AdultNode to create their own room, broadcasting the cam and mic to anyone that joins the room.

When you start to broadcast, a notification goes out to all your followers stating that you started broadcasting. Anyone joining a live group video chat room, pay 10tks/min that goes to the broadcaster.

About live group video chat rooms:

  • Each room can hold 50 people max.
  • A member joining your room can be in the room for maximum 4 hours, after that they get kicked out and will have to join the room again.
  • You can broadcast for a maximum of 24 hours in one session, after that your room is “destroyed” and you must start broadcasting again to create a new room.
  • When the last person leaves your room, including yourself, the broadcast is over after 5 mins.
  • If a member runs out of tokens while they are in the room, they will be redirected to the wallet.

Please be aware that right now you cannot broadcast if you are using the edge/IE browser. Please use FireFox or Chrome.

Where can I find the video chat rooms and how do I broadcast?

Simply go to to see active broadcasters – to broadcast yourself, click the ‘Broadcast now’ button.

Why isn’t it free?

It’s free to broadcast and anyone can do it, but joining a broadcast costs those 10 tks/min. There are costs associated with running this and making it 100% free is not something we can afford to do right now. However, we do have plans to allow broadcasters to set their own price down to 1 tk/min.

Also remember that you can get tokens for free, by participating in the rewards program.

How do you earn money on this?

We have the lowest service fee in the industry, charging only 15% on payouts.

What is the minimum payout?

You need to have 1000 tokens to request payout (that equals $100).

How often do you payout and how can I get paid?

We payout twice a month on the 1st and 15th (or closest business day to that date), right now we payout via PayPal & BitCoin. But we plan to payout via Paxum soon.

What is the maximum video quality?

Right now this is up to HD (1080p), but the system automatically scaled the resolution based on the camera and internet connection of the broadcaster.

I have feedback about video chat

Great, go to our feedback group and post it. Good or bad, we want to improve.

What’s next for video chat?

We have a long list of things that we want to do, but some of the immediate plans are:

  • User control for broadcasters so they can kick and mute visitors in their room.
  • The ability for broadcasters to set their own token price for the room.
  • Video preview of rooms on the video chat page.
  • Emoticons and much more

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